Westside Yoga Atlanta is conveniently located in Atlanta's Westside neighborhood, just around the corner from Buckhead and Midtown. 

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May 1, 2017 is our first day in our new location!

All classes are on until then.

Beginning Monday, meet us at 857 Collier Road, Suite 5B. 

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Westside Yoga Atlanta is located near  Midtown and Buckhead. 


1891 Howell Mill Road, Suite D

Atlanta, GA 30318


857 Collier Road, Suite 5B

(678) 870-6075



​​Westside Yoga is a power yoga studio in Atlanta, offering classes, trainings, and workshops led by the most experienced instructors in the Southeast. Our mission is to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to practice yoga regularly for sustainable wellbeing. All classes are 60 minutes, to encourage frequent practice, and are heated to 82 degrees, to help prevent injury and encourage detoxification.

The word "yoga" means "union", and that's exactly what happens when you practice with us. Our teachers will lead you to unite your mind, body and spirit. You will feel stronger, healthier, and more powerful. You will find freedom in how you move, how you think, and how you feel. You will respond to the world around you with a newfound sense of ease. You will feel more in control of your weight, your thoughts, and your emotions. It will make you happy.

​Our goal is to make yoga fun, accessible, and rewarding for everyone. We believe that yoga is both science and art, and encourage our students to balance yoga study with yoga practice. Both are necessary for our practice, and our life, to evolve.

The group practices at Westside Yoga Atlanta are conveniently scheduled at the same times throughout the week, and all classes are 60 minutes. Experienced instructors offer a variety of options for every level of experience, and students are encouraged to rest and meditate as often as they would like during class. Non-attachment is essential for a successful yoga practice, so our rule is "No Judgements Ever". We encourage students to stay focused on their personal practice and be encouraging and inclusive of others in the class.

Our yoga study workshops and 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training are led by some of the most experienced instructors in the Southeast, with more than 5000 teaching hours between our Founder, Amber Barry, and our lead E-RYT certified instructors, Rebecca-Galla Jones, and Kelsey Reed Armbruster. All levels are welcome to study and grow--we invite you to dive in and explore how yoga can transform your life! Workshops are ongoing throughout the year, and our Yoga Teacher Training session begins in January 2017.

We have been nominated for Best Yoga In Atlanta by Best Self Magazine every year since we opened. Our studio is conveniently located near Buckhead and Midtown, and we love practicing with beginners, professional athletes, and everything in between. All levels are welcome in every class. We believe that yoga is better with community, so get on your mat and join the flow!  There is something for everyone at Westside Yoga Atlanta. ॐ

Westside Yoga Atlanta