Westside Yoga Atlanta is conveniently located in Atlanta's Westside neighborhood, just around the corner from Buckhead and Midtown. We offer group classes, private instruction, corporate yoga, and Atlanta Yoga Teacher Training that meets Yoga Alliance standards for 200 hour RYT certification.


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We have been nominated for Best Yoga in Atlanta by Best Self Magazine every year since we opened. Here are a few of the reasons why our clients love practicing at Westside Yoga!

"I recently joined Westside Yoga after taking five or six classes. I am fairly new to yoga and feel very fortunate to have this studio so close to our home. If I could give six stars I would - there is just nothing I would change. The owner is very dedicated to her craft and has done a great job finding talented instructors. Parking is easy, facilities are very clean, classmates are down to earth and the mobile app makes registering so easy. I rarely give reviews, but had to do it for Westside Yoga!" ~Thomas C.

"Such a great yoga studio! I could not put into words how much I am enjoying my time at Westside Yoga. Amber has and is putting in so much effort into making this a fun, inviting, and rewarding place. It is the perfect type of workout: great music, sweat, and talented instructors. And the best part, it doesn't matter if you've never done yoga or if you've been practicing for 10 years. There is something for everyone." ~Rachel B.

"This is one of the most amazing studios I have been to. Friendly, welcoming, and inspiring. All of the instructors truly want to be there and share this amazing practice with others. The studio itself is very clean, modern and spacious, and I love how it's set at a comfortable warm temperature, unlike hot yoga. There is literally a class for everyone, and all levels can attend every class. They also have really great props to use as well, like blanket, blocks and bands, and a neat water station to fill up your water bottle. I love this studio, and currently have the monthly auto renew package. Absolutely worth it!"

 ~Julia L.

"Love this yoga studio. I started yoga at the studio at the beginning of January 2016 and I'm now doing things that I never knew my body could do. The atmosphere is awesome. The staff is super friendly, and the music and instructors are great and empowering. This studio has made me love yoga and want to continue to practice throughout the rest of my life. Thanks Westside Yoga!!!" ~Lauren M.

​"This is an amazing studio!  They have fantastic instructors and a wide variety of class times.  It was one of the best yoga classes I have ever taken, and I can't wait to get back soon!" ~Tracy R.


"Very open, welcoming atmosphere. The best yoga in Atlanta--you'll love practicing here!" ~Amy H.

"This place is really fun! Laid back but they'll work you, can't wait to go back!" ~Kristina S.

"I was a total newbie to yoga when I went to Westside Yoga for the first time and was not really sure what to expect. After my first class I was hooked. Amber Barry has done a phenomenal job of creating a welcoming, friendly and completely non-intimidating environment. Whether you have been practicing yoga for 20 years or you have never stepped foot on a mat, there is something for you here. Each class will push you and leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. An all around amazing experience!" ~Tommy L.

"This studio is fabulous. There is no judgement and anyone can come and learn more...highest recommendation."~Kelly M.

"FINALLY an awesome studio on the Westside!!! Classes are excellent, and the studio is extremely community-oriented. I'm on day three and I am definitely hooked." ~Lacey P.

"It is so nice to have a FUN yoga studio in Atlanta. Yoga doesn't have to be so serious...it's OK to relax, smile, enjoy the music and most of all be HAPPY! Amber and her teachers at Westside Yoga have FINALLY created this for Atlanta and I couldn't be happier to call this my new home studio."" ~Erin C.

"Westside Yoga is just what I was looking for.  Amber Barry, the owner, is an authentic, genuine person that practices yoga and teaches others with a truly inspirational cause. Not only is she amazing, but she has found teachers that are great as well. I can definitely say that I am pushed and challenged every single class and for the better." ~Jasmine G.


"This is an amazing yoga studio! I've now been to each type of class and felt welcome, encouraged, and challenged in each of them, even though I consider myself a beginner at the practice. I always leave feeling refreshed, energized, and generally happy--what more can you ask for?" ~Jenn M.

"Absolutely wonderful yoga experience! Amber and Sara are fantastic gurus with the perfect balance of mindful flow and instruction. The studio itself is a lovely space - lots of room and natural light - and despite being right off of busy Howell Mill, the traffic is inaudible. Westside Yoga is the best yoga in Atlanta--a great place for advanced yogis and beginners alike. It's my favorite place to practice and meditate." ~Alexis M.

"What an incredible workout! As a weight lifter and runner, I wasn't sure that doing yoga would be much of workout, but at Westside Yoga, it certainly is. I feel stronger after every class. The instructors are so knowledgable, and every class is a new challenge. I'm hooked!" ~Yancey S.

"Beautiful new yoga studio in Atlanta. Excellent range of class skill levels and convenient class times. Lovely, experienced and caring teachers. Fun music which makes the yoga even more enjoyable. Community-minded and welcoming. The best addition to the Westside in a long time!" ~Nicole T.​

"This is the yoga studio that the Westside has waited for!  This is truly a #happyplace -- it is beautiful, calm & welcoming.  Amber makes yoga accessible and playful for all levels.  You will feel invigorated and recharged after just one class and you'll be coming back for more!" ~Melissa G.


"I just took my first class at Westside Yoga. Amber, the owner, taught the class and afterward my busy mind felt light and free. In the middle of poses, she made gentle adjustments combined with light massage, (heaven), and in a final forward fold, she gently laid on my back, (tears sprang into my eyes, just to feel connected in that way with another human being). Such a beautiful studio and experience, thank you, Amber, I'll be back soon!" ~Staci T.


​"So glad we have a studio in the neighborhood, and they're great to boot! Amber, Sara, and Sarah are all awesome." ~Fred R.

"I took my second class here today and I have to say it is the best yoga studio in Atlanta. Amber is such an uplifting, amazing teacher and I am really enjoying her classes. I love that all the classes have great music and you can go at your own pace, whatever you are feeling that day. She encourages you and is really helping me learn yoga in a whole new way. Thanks Amber, I can't wait for the next class." ~Emily G.

Don't just take our word for it...here's What our clients are saying about Westside Yoga Atlanta!

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